Worthy of Love by LaCricia A'ngelle

Book Description...

"Everyone was excited about Christian and Shelby Tyler's surprise nuptials, except Iris Tyler, Christian's mother. Iris sees Shelby as nothing more than a gold-digger ready to cash in on the wealth her son has worked so hard to attain. 

While Iris plots to destroy Christian and Shelby's marriage, billionaire Vincent Garrett enters her life, igniting passion that Iris wasn't prepared for. Will her new-found love change Iris' opinion of love at first sight, or will her desire to end her son's marriage cause her to miss out on a love of her own?"

Title:  Worthy of Love
Author:  LaCricia A'ngelle
Publisher:  His Pen Publishing LLC
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean 
Rating:  Five                                     

"Worthy of Love" by LaCricia A'ngelle

My Thoughts.....

This is the second part of this author's novel  'Worthy of Love' story  from the sequel 'Journey to Love.'  I found it indeed intriguing in seeing how one person could cause so much trouble just because well not waning to spoil it I will say you will just have to pick up this novel to see how much interference that this one person made of this situation.  I really felt sorry for the person  but it does look like at the end...well there will be some changes made. This was one good read that this author gives the readers that will keep you turning the pages to see what is coming next. I will say I was a little surprise in the way the story ended but it was all good!  Thank you to the author for another good read that was well written with some very interesting characters.  


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