Cameron 8 Kindle Edition by Jade Jones

Book Description...


“So,” I began. “Any thought on what you wanna do?” I asked, fingering his dreads. They’d grown to the middle of his back, and they reminded me of how he used to look back when we first met. I swear, my man was finer than frog hair split three ways. Jude was absolutely right about what he said earlier. I was crazy about him, despite everything we’d been through. Our trials and tribulations were what, ultimately, made us stronger.
Jude pulled me closer and massaged my shoulder with his thumb. “My homeboy say he fuckin’ with the scams now. He claims it’s money in that shit too…”
“So…you gon’ start fuckin’ with it?” I asked him.
Jude paused, as he stared up at the ceiling in deliberation. “I don’t know…what’chu think?” he asked. He always consulted with me before making any hasty decisions. Especially decisions that could land us both in a world of trouble. Luckily for him, trouble was my middle name.
“…It’s whatever you wanna do, baby. Just know, I’m all in.” 

"Cameron is back and unlike you've ever seen her before. From strip clubs to car theft rings, you've journeyed with her from girlhood into womanhood, but the drama isn't over just yet! New faces and new situations make this new installment the most riveting of the entire series! If you enjoyed "Wife of a Misfit" and "Soul and Diana", you're in for an even bigger treat! Join Cameron and the gang on another wild ride packed with action, romance, secrets and juicy drama."

Title:  Cameron 8
Author:  Jade Jones
Publisher: Jaded Publications  
Series: #8
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Cameron 8" by Jade Jones

My Thoughts...

All I can say is how Cameron made it through all of this drama with twist and turns that was all over and around her was simply amazing in how it all finally comes out!  I loved how she didn't mind putting a particular person in their place when it came to what was hers.  

Let's see there was Cameron, Jude, Justin, Journee, Madison ..then let's bring in Conway, Roxie, Eve, Sofia, Elder, Soul, Diana as this list will continue to go on that will give the reader quite a entertaining story.  It was hard to believe how spoiled Cameron and Jude's kids were...leaving me only to say wow!  I was glad to see how the story ends not all great because truly Justin got what he should have received.  I just felt so sorry for poor Cameron where she seemed to blame herself for a lot of it. However, by the end of the story all seemed well.  I really enjoyed how well this author put the story all together bringing in all of the characters into the story so very well, however, did Eve really get away...just wondering?  Oh well, I guess we can wonder about that.  Anyway, Ms Jones you gave the readers one excellent read with another well done series to 'Cameron 8.'  Now I am left wondering will there be more to this story?


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