Hidden Kindle Edition by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Book Description...

"Nathan and Renee Johnson are more in love now than they were on their wedding day. In the highlight of their careers, Nathan and Renee’s move to Cleveland Ohio, five years ago, was their best move. However, on the night of their eight-year anniversary, the couple stumbles upon a crime in progress when a startling cry in the night captures their attention. Caught up in the horror of it all, the pair take out their cell phones and start recording. But to their dismay, they’re spotted by the perpetrator and he goes after them with a vengeance. 

At day break, the magnitude of everything they witnessed hits Nathan and Renee full force. They noticed the vehicle sitting outside the gates of their two-story Tudor style home the night before, and quickly, things around them begin to change. With their lives in danger, the couple goes through everything necessary to keep their family safe. The cost weighs so heavy; they may not survive it."

Title:  Hidden
Author:  Stephanie Nicole Norris
Publisher: S. N.N.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Hidden" by Stephanie Nicole Norris

My Thoughts....

What a novel this was with a lots of mystery, suspense and even a thriller action read that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you are turning the pages!  What will this couple have to go through after seeing and filming something horrible on their anniversary.  Why was this couple Nathan and Renee afraid to go to the police after what they had witness?  How did all of this put them in great danger and will they be able to make it out of this mess in the end?  All I can say if you like mystery, suspense and a good action read you have come to the right place for "Hidden" will certainly give it to you and more.  To get all of the above questions answered you will have to pick up this good read and see for yourself how well this author give the reader something to ponder over long after the read.  Would I recommend?  YES!


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