Melpomene "Juvie": A Cougar's Passion Kindle Edition by Ellen "Butterflyy" Allen

Book Description....

"Erotica, When Love and Lust collide do you run or take a chance on both being the end to your happily ever after. In the back woods of Augusta, Georgia, is where we will discover the answer to that age old question, what love has to do with it?

Candice job connects are with students from all walks of like but what's the chance of her falling for some one half her age? Justice Ingram an incoming student athlete would be the ultimate test to her self imposed celibacy.

Would Candice remain professional or would she blur the lines with thoughts of intimate encounters. Internal conflict verse external desires will take you on a journey of unbridled passion, with ever turn of the page you become engulfed in sensuality.

Felice', is the best friend of Candice who has a desire of her own to confess, afraid of possible rejection she has held this secret for years.

What will become of this Love affair? Will age keep these two from happiness? Will Candice walk away? Will Justice beg her to stay?"

Title:   Melpomene "Juvie"  A Cougar's Passion
Author:  Ellen 'Butterflyy' Allen
Publisher:   E.B.A.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five 

                            "Melpomene Juvie:  A Cougar's Passion" by Ellen 'Butterflynn' Allen

My Thoughts....

Well, this was quite a erotica read as you would think just from the title.  I liked the question...'what's love got to do with it?' Well to me everything!  The reader is given a story of a older woman named Candice Billings who was divorced was over a group of 'incoming students [freshmen].' Due to her job being at the 'Trinity State's tour guide and senior adviser' and one of her freshmen students is none other than Justice Ingram...'504.'  Justice who was from New Orleans and that number  applied someway to that.  Anyway,
how will this young freshman become involved the older woman... Candice to where her 'thoughts were giving way to intimate encounters?'  Just who was this 'Juvie' and why was he so interested in this adviser who was older than he [by seven years]?  Well, for some reason we find this Juvie caught the interest of Candice and even knowing it was unethical to go out even for drinks which started it all...she did. Even her best friend Felice thought this was a good idea to do 'since she hadn't had a drink in seven years with a man.'  Now, as this story goes on why did Candice let herself be pulled into Justice knowing it was so wrong.  However, when a woman needs.. well I guess you can see the way the story is going.  My main thoughts while reading was: JUST WHY WAS JUSTICE  REALLY INTERESTED IN HER?  OK, keep reading to find out!

I did love how this author told her story and backing it up with some well meaning poems that explained its previous chapter.  These poems are some deep reads that reflected so well with the storyline.   As the story continues how far will this go on and what puts the icing on the cake was when Candice finds out a big secret that her best friend Felice puts on her. That was definitely a wow moment for me because I didn't see that come!  Now, I don't want to tell too much  more only wanting you to read this story and see for yourself just how well this author brings it all out to the reader.  How far will this 'Cougar's Passion' go on before Candice will have different thoughts on this situation.  I think Candice knew what she had to do at the end because it was only right even if it wasn't liked very well from Justice's viewpoint. Again, the poems at the end were really on point...'Nineteen Again and  Juvie.'  I will say that the story gives one quite a bit to ponder long after the read.  Truly a cougar's life may not be as easy as one would think after you ponder from it all it may involve.    


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