A Fem's Playground By Shatika Turner

Title: A Fem's Playground
Author: Shatika Turner
Publisher: Alana's Book Line (ABL)
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"A Fem's Playground" by Shatika Turner was a quick read with lots of twist and turns of the lesbian world. You will really have to keep up because you will find there is a lots going on in this novel. As a matter of fact I was left confused toward the beginning of who was saying what on some of the issues that I did stop and re read a chapter, however, I was able to pick up a little more as I got into the novel. You will find many, many betrayals that you will definitely be left wondering is anyone for real? There was so much hate for each other...leaving me only to say wow that was very cruel.
One thing is for sure you will be kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen next because there was so much going on!

The characters were all very interesting, colorful, well portrayed and oh so captivating only to give this novel even a emotional read. The characters.. Desiree, Blaze, Shade, Patience, Jah'mere and their mother were all well delivered to us by this author and what a script it was. Be ready for some of it all in "A Fem's Playground" ..hatred, betrayals, back stabbing, cruelty at its highest, some romance and lots of drama. I will say I was enlightened by this read that definitely cleared up some of my misconceptions of this lifestyle.

I found "A Fem's Playground" was for me very complicated, however, I am sure for some it is a simple everyday life. I was left at the end of this story wondering what will happen next to Blaze and Patience. I guess I will have to get the next novel 'A Fem's Playground 2: Game Over" by this author to find out.


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