Girl Talk By: Charmaine Galloway

Title:  Girl Talk
By:  Charmaine Galloway
Publisher:  Charming Gal Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Girl Talk" by Charmaine Galloway were a beautiful 'collections of poems, prayers and worlds of
encouragement'  and so inspirational  and definitely written for any young lady. I only wish I could get this read into their hands because this author really gives us some good reading that  is just for them.
Just a little about "Girl Talk"
From the beginning of the read this author talks of  'Girl Power'  taken from Psalm 139:13-14
Girl U Rock...a beautiful poems presented by this author...answers to why you rock!
                   "YOU NEED TO ALWAYS KNOW
                     YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY
                     LOVE YOURSELF
                     RESPECT YOURSELF
                     DESPITE WHAT OTHER MAY SAY"

This Is Who I Am
Hello Fear
Never Give Up On Your Education
Girls, Girls, Girls
                    "I ONLY WANT THE BEST FOR YOU
                      I LOVE YOU AND I HOPE YOU LISTEN"

                    "MAKE RESPONSIBLE DECISIONS AND DO WHAT'S RIGHT"                      

On to Part Two:  Friendships and Relationships  taken from l Corinthians 15:33
I Bet
                        MAKE SURE THEY HAVE YOUR BACK IN THE END."
Boy Please
Wrecking Ball
Part Three:  Where Is The Love?  taken from John 3:16
I Need Love
Jesus Love
You Are My Everything

Part Four:  Corruption of the World taken from I John 2.16
WWW Dot Com
It Could Have Been U
Devil You Won't Keep Me in the Dark
                            "LET ME GET ON MY KNEES AND PRAY
                             TO THE LORD AND HE SHALL SET MY MIND FREE"
Don't Get Lost in Society
A Message to Young Girls...Beautiful stated from Charmaine Galloway

Part Five:  My World, Through My Eyes...Amazing Grace!  from the author John Newton
A Prologue for the My World Through My Eyes...Charmaine Galloway

From here we get more truly beautiful poems and prayers by this author Charmaine Galloway....
In reading these poems I am sure you will find many that will touch you!

and last...
About The Author...
This is where I will say this author is simply amazing in her gift of writing and with that being said I hope you will pick up this phenomenal read "Girl Talk" will not be disappointed in this  depth of  writing for the young ladies.  You will find a lots of good reading young ladies!  Just sit back and let  it all soak in and in the end you will see and say Wow... what revelations this author has given to the reader to think about.  To the author...Thank You for sharing such a wonderful amazing gift of a  read to this special group of young girl readers. 


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