An Arrangement of Love By: Kenya Wright

Title: An Arrangement Of Love
Author: Kenya Wright
Publisher: K. Wright Press
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"An Arrangement of Love" by Kenya Wright was a very good read of a interracial, erotica, suspenseful and mystery urban read. I will say when I first started reading I had different thoughts of what I thought this read was about but as I dove into the novel I can only say what I found was a complete surprise. Leaving me only to say in the end ... wow that was some good read of Chase and Jasmine.

What I love about "An Arrangement of Love"

This novel is one that will hold your attention and truly having you turning the pages till the end. "An Arrangement of Love" was a read of intrigue and so very captivating only to hold your attention because you will want to know what is coming next. Yes, you will find this read of many twist and turns giving you 'love, conflict, craziness, suspense and even murder.' How can one man hold the attention of four women was really something to read of and this author tells this story so very well bringing out all the emotions of it all. I found this hero and heroine really interesting in how she is drawn into this arrangement. Will there be benefits for Jasmine? Yes, but at what price and I love how this author kept Jasmine second guessing herself. While reading I was caught up with some laughter and even some anger with some of this weirdness, however, this still was a good read of how Jasmine really seduces this hero who had fell in love with her. Now, to get it all you must pick up "An Arrangement Of Love" to see how this author brings it all out because there will be some other interesting facts of Jasmine life that will come from the entire read.

What I also loved about "An Arrangement of Love"

I loved the read being of a interracial couple that was very well written of love. The characters were all so very well portrayed, well developed, colorful and even memorable. Oh, I love the hot steamy was done quite well and so lovely in the read.

Now, there will be only one thing that is missing from the wonderful read and that is the ending. We will be left with a cliffhanger... the sequel hopefully will be out soon... 'A Test of Love.' I am sure we will get an interesting ending!


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