The III Truth By: Shatika Turner

Title:  The III Truth
Author:  Shatika Turner
Publisher:  Createspace
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Life is full of lessons, it is up to you which ones you choose to learn from, whether you learn from them or not, NEVER ever ignore them
                                     ~Mz. Ill~
"The Ill Truth" by:  Shatika Turner were a very interesting collection of poems that seems so interesting that anyone will be able to look deep into and even being able to relate to life may not be so great on the other side.   You are able to feel her pain, frustration  and in the end you will be able to receive the message that this author has presented to the reader... and that is to be 'treated and accepted just like anyone else.' This author did a wonderful job at presenting her poems that read a lot like a story of her life as she shares her darkness and light of the world showing such creativity and honesty. I found myself at times in tears and another times even  laughing from the excellent
script.  Yes, it may be hard emotional journey read at times but Ms. Turner brings it all out to the reader...the real 'Truth.' 

Real heartache is when the heart actually aches, not from love, but doubting the ones you think you truly can trust

                                          ~Mz. Ill~
             Some of my favorite poems  from "The Ill Truth: 
1.   Underneath
2.   The Reflection of a Mirror
3.   The Real Men
4.   Smith
5.   Stone Face
6.   Violation
7.   Down This Road
8.   How Does It Feel
9.   A Soul's Song
10. Give Me Your Heart

Now, this is just a few of the poems in this collection. Please pick up "The Ill Truth" to see for yourself how this author presents
it  so well to the reader as she 'walks through life and experiences the Truth.'  Would I recommend?  YES!





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