Night Games The Blue Dynasty By: Lisa Marie Penny

Title:  Night Games
Author:  Lisa Marie Perry
Publisher:  Harlequin Kimani
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Night Games" by Lisa Marie Perry was a good contemporary romance read that was a enjoyable read that did have some steamy hot sex.  If you are a football lover  that would love  a interesting romance conflict  interwoven into a twist of a plot then this read is for you.   Be ready for  a novel that will present conflict between two families and some characters that you will find believable as well as real and oh so well portrayed.  Also you may even find some of the  secondary characters even colorful giving this read a well rounded and written read.   I did enjoy how the author was able to bring out to the reader about the football management element especially 'realistic dialogue and the issues that were about the loyalty and taking chances and the gender stereotypes  that are so often found in footfall.'  I thought this was a very interesting read about family, NFL football and romance.  It was so captivating to see how this author was able to bring these two characters.... Charlotte and Nate together with all the conflict  and give the reader such a sweet ending.  Also it is good to know that this author will have another novel for us about two of the secondary characters...Now, who will that be?    By the end of the end you will be given something to really think about...and with being said I would definitely recommend this read for you.   


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