All I Want Is You By: Toni Blake

Title:  All I Want Is You
Author:  Toni Blake
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Series:  A Coral Cove Novel
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"All I Want Is You" by Toni Blake was a beautiful contemporary romance.  This author really
knows how to write a novel that will keep your interest from the very first page till the very end.

What I loved about "All I Want Is You"

How this author was able to get Christy Knight and Jack Duvall together was really interesting.  I liked how this author gave the reader a little poem or saying from various authors at the beginning of each charter.  Who knew when Christy ask Jack to 'kick down her door' that this would be the creating of a new destiny for the two of them.  We find Christy now living in Cincinnati was alone only having her grandfather Charlie, some wonderful friends, and her beautiful jewelry 'reworked old jewelry' that she made, however, this wasn't enough.  Why?  Christy had learned that her grandfather had 'money problems' and alone with her own money issues that had come upon her due to the death of her parents.  What was she to do?   After Christy  talks with her roommate Bethany she had decides what she needs to do, but will this work out for her as she charts this journey?  It looks like before this plan is set up it will be stopped and we find that Jack who is thought to be a handy man is now  fixing Christy's door that he kicked in for her earlier.  This story will move very fast and there will be so much going on.  Now, Jack has become a friend of Christy's and learning of her plans to  visit her grandfather in Coral Cove, Florida and he tags along.  Was Jack beginning to care for Christy?  With Jack having  trust issues and secrets will he be able to work these out?   After Christy get to 'Sunnymeade Retirement and Healthcare Center'  to visit her grandfather it looks like everything is going well on the visit, but is it.  A lots will come out from this visit at Coral Cove such as Christy brings jewelry with her that she had made now selling  on the beach at the 'Sunset Celebration' and later we will learn she also  approaches some consignment shops.  What will come of this for Christy?  We also  find out a little more about grandfather Charlie's first love Susan (Mrs. Waters)  and will all of  Jack's  secrets be brought out that  he has  held so close.    What is Jack so afraid of?  During this visit both Christy and Jack had time to talk but what was really lacking from these two? Why was Christy so upset when she finally finds out just what all had gone on in Jack life that he had been unwilling to share with her?  In the end what will Christy be will to except from Jack?   I really don't want to tell to much more away about this amazing read.  I want  you  to pick up the excellent well written read to see for yourself  just how this author brings it all out to the reader.  This was done so well that I was left  only saying Wow! 

What I also liked... The main  and secondary characters!

The characters were all well developed, likable, colorful and well portrayed...Christy, Jack, grandpa Charlie, Bethany, Amy, Sue, Anna, Mrs. Hart, The Harrington's, Nurse Ron, John and Nancy Romo, Donald King, Susan Waters, Della Mae, Alice, Reece Donovan, FiFi, Fletcher McCloud, Duke Dawson, Logan, Lucky, Tessa, Mike, Rachel, Kyle, Lydia, Candy, Nurse Angie, Abner, Polly, Dinah and I am sure I have left someone out but all made this novel so very interesting and so captivating that I am still at awe of it all. 

What I really loved!

In the end I loved this quote "Have faith in me ...please.  Have faith in me to never hurt you again, Have faith in me to always be honest with you, to always trust you.  Have faith in in me to be the man you deserve,  Have faith in me to love you and make you happy"...will  become so real for Jack and Christy as they find their way back to one another.  "All I Want Is You" was a sweet beautiful romance that I would definitely recommend to you as a excellent read.


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