Wild Montana Sky By: Debra Holland

Title:  Wild Montana Sky
Author:  Debra Holland
Publisher:  D.H.
Series:  Montana Sky # 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Wild Montana Sky" by Debra Holland was a beautifully written historical western romance read.  This author did a good job about presenting this enjoyable story of the move from Boston to Montana for Elizabeth Hamilton.  It was indeed interesting to see a Boston lady becoming a woman of the west.  I enjoy how this novel was very realistic aspects of this area in the west in the late 1800's of this wild 'Montana Sky.'  I will say at this point that I did find "Wild Montana Sky" somewhat predictable but still a good read.  Be really for some mystery, little romance and good notations of a
beautiful scenery but most of all seeing Elizabeth change from a Victorian  woman who would be able to survive the wilds of the west as a proper Montana lady. Will Elizabeth find love in Montana?

The characters were well developed, portrayed, colorful and even believable only to give you a good enjoyable read that will definitely hold your attraction. 

If you are a cowboy lover of a western romance  and a clean cut one  then this novel "Wild Montana Sky" would definitely be a good read for you. 


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