O, Africa: A Novel By Andrew Lewis Conn

Title: O, Africa!
Author:  Andrew Lewis Conn
Publisher:  Hogarth
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"O, Africa" by Andrew Lewis Conn was really some historical read that brought it all out in one way or the other...being 'offensive, a little bit funny and oh so very heart breaking'  at times.  Now, you may ask yourself how can one book do all of that?  We find from the read two twin brothers ..Izzy and Micah Grand who were  prominent filmmakers and definitely opposites  in the 1920's where
we can see from the read that this author will  intertwine  the twins story with real life celebrities of that time. We find Micah is a gambler, liar and loves the spotlight and Izzy is a behind the scene
kind of guy, studied hard in school  and was responsible and never getting into trouble unlike his twin.

"This story was of  two filmmakers who go from immigrants living in Brooklyn to being the kings of silent comedies in the summer of 1928, the height of their film making careers. Micah is the producer/director of their films, while Izzy is the master of the camera who always gets the good shots. When Micah gets into some trouble, the brothers agree to go to Africa to film there."

Be ready for a read of  'love, race, class, finding oneself, sacrifice and death'  that will even convey some 'emotional upheavals' that these twins will face.   This author will take the Grand's from 'Coney Island'  to Africa and back giving us a real long epic story with many complexities that will give the reader a true roller coaster ride through this adventure. I wasn't to sure I like how the sexism and racism was handled in the read,  for this definitely made me a little uncomfortable.  As for the characters most were well drawn and developed  but their were a few I definitely didn't care for at all.  In the end "O, Africa" seemed a bit rushed but oh  well it had been a long read and had to come to an end sometime. 

If you are looking for a novel of self discovery of various relationships then his historical read "O Africa" would definitely be recommended to you.


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