One Man's Island By Thomas Wolfenden

Title:  One Man's Island
Author:  Thomas J. Wolfenden
Publisher:  Permuted Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"One Man's Island" by Thomas J Wolfenden was a very captivating novel that I found hard to put down this 'end of the world' fictional story.  This was definitely a post apocalyptic world that had a new hero by the name of Sergeant Major Tim who gives the reader a thrill of a ride that has hope and glory.  I really enjoyed the good story that this author gives the reader especially the magic that is brought in.  I found the characters were very believable that were set in this post Apocalypse world.  The time this author spent in one of the world's elite Light Infantry Regiment ranks, 75th Ranger Regiment was indeed of great interest in this read.  I enjoyed this plot and there were so many twist and turns that really will keep the reader interested to see what is coming next.  If you are looking for a fascinating, entertaining and just good story you have come to the right place for "One Man's Island" would be recommended for you. 


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