Life Subject To Change By: Anne Carrington

Title:  Life Subject To Change
Author:  Ann Carrington
Publisher:  Palm Tree Books
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Life Subject To Change" by Ann Carrington was a factual nonfiction read where this  author "details how abnormal results of a routine mammogram in Summer 2013 inspired her to discuss important points of preventive health care measures, gives readers an in-depth look into being treated for her other health issues, and offers insights on how routine screenings and common preventive care measures can preserve one’s health – and some cases, save lives."

What I liked about this read?  This happened to this person 'late summer of 2013'...

I found the various chapters  all very well explained however, the ones that got my attention....

Is This Really Necessary?   Yes, having a mammogram is very, very important for one to this...
every single year or two or whatever you are told!
notes....does this run in your family?
don't cancel mammogram may save your life.

August 6, 2013she kept her waiting to receive the phone call and/or written
notice of the mammogram results.
Was it that bad?

(Un)expected Results
The phone call....needing follow up!
More information....

September, 4, 2013
a second mammogram....ultrasound
And it was great having someone come with you
get ready to learn a lots about yourself...US Breast Bilateral.....Diagnostic Bilateral Breast Mammogram...with a lots of information....Was all OK?....Will you miss another Mammogram next year?

Why Continuing Family Tradition Isn't Always Wise...

God Should Issue a Recall On Me!

What I also liked about this novel....

Practices and Benefits of Preventive Care...

Resources....Where you can find some areas of help if needed
Additional Resources..

Now, I didn't want to tell you too much... only hit the highlights of the chapters. I found that "Life Subject To Change" was indeed a helpful book for anyone who needs to know what all is involved in having a mammogram check.  I would definitely recommend you read this well written read about how this author walked through her  mammogram procedure. Wow, being diagnosed, treated and catching  any abnormalities in early stages is what we want to hear in  the end results.  Thank you
very much for sharing this read with the readers.    I would definitely recommend it to all who are interested in the mammogram process  to read this novel and yes 'Life Subject To Change.'


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