The Sweetheart Rules By: Shirley Jump

Title:  The Sweetheart Rules
Author:   Shirley Jump
Publisher:  Berkley Publishers
Series:  Sweetheart Sisters #2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"The Sweetheart Rules" by Shirley Jump was a wonderful contemporary romance and was the second in the 'Sweetheart Sister' series.   I really enjoyed this fun romantic  read of how this author was able to present all of this to the reader.  What will  happen  when two older  ladies help  match up a couple in the town of Rescue Bay. Now, how and what will they  to make this happen?

What I loved about "The Sweetheart Rules"

 "The Sweetheart Rules" was a sweet romantic story of Diana Tuttle and Mike Stark that was very captivating and once you start this novel you will find it hard to put down until the end.  You will find from the read that both of these two people will have some serious problems that each will have to overcome before they can have the 'happily ever after.'  From the read  you will be able  feel  the chemistry and even their passion they have one another, however, what other demons will they have from their pass?  After they see the mistakes they have made in their life will they be able to learn from them and move on with their life?  We find that Diana the heroine  is a veterinarian who owns a animal shelter with a teenage son Jackson. The hero  Mike was a Coast Guard mechanic who is suddenly was having to care for his two daughters Ellie and Jenny. Now, how will all of this turn out?

What else did I loved about "The Sweetheart Rules"

I found the characters were simply off the chart...well developed, likable, well portrayed, colorful and also well rounded for Diana, Mike, Ellie, Jenny, Jackson, Luke Olivia, grandma Greta, Harold
and I am sure I have left out a few but all really made this read such a  amazing read.  I will say the secondary characters were will wonderfully presented. 

I would definitely recommend that  you must pick up "The Sweetheart Rules" to see how this author brings it all out to the readers.  You will find this novel is  romantic, funny...I laughed so hard because this author did her magic in it all.   I found that this author really presented the reader with a well written script that in the end giving the reader a amazing wonderful story of romance of  true love finally all coming together. 


  1. From Shirley Jump: Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!


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