The Bride Wore Chocolate By: Shirley Jump

Title:  The Bride Wore Chocolate
Author:  Shirley Jump
Publisher:  Zebra
Series:  Recipes With Romance #1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Bride Wore Chocolate" by Shirley Jump was a delightful fun contemporary romance.
his author really made the read very interesting with after each chapter we were given delectable
recipes that were served up with a lots of chocolate. 

We find that the heroine had vowed to live life by the book, never to throw caution to the wind
as she had once.  Now Candace (Candy) was living life where it was safe, therefore picking out
a very boring fiancee by the name of Barry Borkenstein.  However, a Michael Vogler (hero) comes into the picture showing Candy that she should trust her heart and take that leap of faith with him.
Will Candace be willing to take the plunge after her wacky grandmother, mother, and her girl
 friends (Rebecca & Maria) know that she was unhappy with her present decision?  This is where I say you must pick up "The Bride Wore Chocolate" to see what and how of it  all will turn out for

Be ready to laugh out loud because the author will definitely have you doing just that, along with the wonderful recipes that used lots of chocolate, a funny grandmother, marrying mom, good friends, and some hot sex along  the way in this good novel.

The characters were off the chart good being well developed, portrayed, colorful, and most were even
likable all making this a good romantic read.  This was definitely one of those read that once you
started reading it was hard to stop until it was finished and I would recommend "The Bride Wore Chocolate" as a good read. 


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