Love By Beth Boyd

Title:  Love
Author: Beth Boyd
Publisher:  The Most Romantic Books
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  4

"Love" by Beth Boyd was a sweet contemporary romance.  I did find it somewhat  predictable read, however, it still was a good read.  The characters were all well developed especially the 'boy next door' ... with Adam and Karen being such believable and all in this very descriptive seaside London, England country. I found this romance for these two very 'heartwarming,'  captivating read, and enjoyable read. Be ready for every day problems...along with meddling family, a artist, a writer, misunderstandings, truthfulness, playful times, less not leave out all the drama and  love then you will have one lovely romantic read with a quick ending.  If you are in for a good sweet romance  then  I would recommend  "Love" to you.     


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