A Christian's Perspective Journey Through Grief By: Shelia E. Lipsey

Book Description...

"If you have lost a loved one through death or know of someone who has, then "A Christian's Perspective - Journey Through Grief" is a must read book. When you lose someone you love it is often the most painful experience you will face and have to endure. Author and Inspirational Speaker, Shelia E. Lipsey shares her personal journey through grief with her readers while at the same time expressing her battles and triumphs with God and her faith. She also touches on the devastating terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 as she relates with the thousands who lost loved ones. This book is written from her perspective and is thus the title "A Christian's Perspective". A Christian's Perspective is candid, open and written from the heart."

Title: A Christian's Perspective Journey Through Grief
Author:  Shelia E. Lipsey
Publisher:  Brentwood Christian Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"A Christian's Perspective Journey Through Grief" by Shelia E.Lipsey

My Thoughts...

I loved this short novel.  So often after the loss of my parents I have grieved even though it has been many many years.Even now I still grieve become depressed because I miss my parents so much. This novel was beautifully written and most of all letting me know that I am not alone especially hearing what all this author has been through.  The thought that I am not alone still in the healing process even though it has been so many years ago.  This read is really some read that can help others who have lost a loved one. I loved how this author covers it all from 'grief from a christian viewpoint'  bringing it all out so well to the reader. Thank you to the author for such a good read that is still  helping  me get through it all.


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