My Son's Next Wife By: Shelia E. Lipsey [Bell]

Book Description...

"First Lady Audrey Graham is gone and her husband suffers from loneliness and the after-effects of his second stroke. Their son, Stiles, now minister of his father s church, is engaged to Detria and has found happiness at last despite his heartbreaking divorce from Rena. Rena s now living in another state and has found a new love herself, Robert, though she resists his marriage proposals because she doesn t feel she could ever be completely forgiven for her past sins. Things take a turn for the worse when Stiles father suffers another stroke and Detria has a miscarriage, and his faith is tested like never before. But who knows in whose arms he will land up in the page-turning conclusion to My Son s Wife series!"

Title:  My Son's Next Wife
Author:  Shelia E. Lipsey [Bell]
Publisher:  Urban Books
Series:  My Son's Wife #3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"My Son's Next Wife"  by Shelia E. Lipsey [Bell]

My Thoughts....

Now this third series of this author's 'My Son's Next Wife' was another quite interesting read that will keep your attention till the end.  Dramatic...yes! All the way through this story. I will say that Stile's second wife, Detria was a piece of work...and left me shaking my head... and saying really!  Will Pastor Stiles ever see his wife for what she is?  Not only is it good to think before one acts but that communication is so very important in a marriage and that nobody is perfect but GOD!  I hope the reader reads this series in order so you will better understand all that is going on.  This read was very 'heart wrenching.' Now, on to the next series... 'My Sister, My Momma, Your Wife.'


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