Falling For A Brazilian Bad Boy By: Mz. Jae

Book Description...

"Ayana Miller is living the life any girl that's grown up with nothing could even possibly want. She has the heart of the local boss, more money than she can spend in a lifetime, and enough confidence to believe this could all last forever. But when a series of unfortunate events take place, even as her man Antron Dixon's ambitions rise beyond his current territory, Ayana gets thrown into the arms of another.
When Brazilian bad boy Sergio Souza comes to NYC, his ultimate goal is business and assessing a local kid's rise up the ranks. He never counted on becoming caught up with life in the city, especially with his newest prospect's chick. But Sergio isn't afraid of anyone or anything, so he does whatever it takes and takes whatever he desires.
As Antron is determined to climb the ranks, Ayana is equally determined to not forget about the fact that she belongs to the local boss...not the Brazilian Don. In the process, worlds will be torn apart and hearts broken. In the end, Ayana's heart will take her further into love and possibly deeper into darkness, as she falls for a Brazilian bad boy."

Title:  Falling For A Brazilian Bad Boy
Author:  Mz. Jae
Publisher:  Cole Hart Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Falling For A Brazilian Bad Boy" by Mz. Jae

My Thoughts...

This did her job with delivering a good read that you couldn't put it down until the end. I loved it!
It seems like Ayana would have to make a choice between Antron and Sergio.  How will all of this
come together after her two best friends are killed?  There will be a lots going on in this read where
you will have to keep up but in the end well well well it will be a cliffhanger that we all will be left
with.  Anyway this author has given the reader one exciting well written story with characters that
were very well developed, defined and believable.  So, I guess we will have to get this next read to
find out what will happen to Sergio, Ayana and Antron with even more twist and turns because I know in the end it will be all good.


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