A Murder in the Quarters By: Brian W. Smith

Book Description...

"There is a serial killer loose in the French Quarter. He's hunting psychics and palm readers, and won't stop until he rids the world renowned tourist area of them all. The police are baffled by this elusive killer, but super sleuth, Sleepy Carter isn't."

Title:  A Murder in the Quarters
Author:  Brian W. Smith
Publisher:  B.W.S.
Series:  Sleep Carter # 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Murder in the Quarters" by Brian W. Smith

My Thoughts....

Wow, what a good mystery, thriller with suspenseful read that will keep you captivated till the
very end.  The characters...'Sleepy Carter and Detective Lizzie Silverman were off the chart
being well developed, portrayed and giving the reader a well believable story.  I found this
novel had a very interesting and unexpected ending in who this murderer was. The reader will
not find this a predictable read because this author knows who to change it all with his twist and
turns he presents this 'riveting tale of murder.'   I would definitely recommend this read!


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