Your Husband, My Sugar Daddy By: Kimberly Whitlow

Book Description....

"April Dudley is blessed with a voluptuous body and the gift of gab. She quickly discovers that men will pay for whatever they want. She quickly secures not one, not two, but three sugar daddies who are more than willing to pay the price to be in the presence of a sexy woman. April is every man’s dream and every wife’s nightmare. Having someone else’s husband as her sugar daddy, she will soon learn that not all money is good money, and her lifestyle comes with a very deadly price.
Linda Hill is a devoted housewife and mother who has been married to James for over thirty years. She is no fool and quickly learns of her husband’s infidelity. Linda is playing for keeps and will do whatever it takes to hold on to her husband and his money. She puts a plan into motion, that no one will see coming, and only God knows how it’s going to turn out.
Lies and deceit at its finest. Take a ride on this roller coaster as secrets are revealed, hearts are broken, and April realizes that there are no happy endings when you are sleeping with someone else’s husband!"

Title:  Your Husband, My Sugar Daddy
Author:  Kimberly Whitlow
Publisher:  Racquel Williams Presents, LLC
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"Your Husband, My Sugar Daddy" by Kimberly Whitlow

My Thoughts....

This author did a wonderful job at keeping your attention from the start all the way to the end.  There was so much drama in this novel!  I didn't know who to feel sorry for ...April who seemed to love in a story of  'deception, betrayal and adultery and cheating'....will she learn from this horrible experience she went through?  The characters were simply off the chain being so well developed, well portrayed and oh so believable...from James, Roy, Javon,  [Javona], Linda, Lynette, Kevin, Biggie to a few others to name a few. I especially  liked how this author was able to bring in a Christian part to this story...which did enrich the story.  I don't want to tell too much other than say that I would definitely recommend this read as a good read.  However, I guess we will have to  get the next part of this story to find out what  will happens  to James, Linda and Javon as this story seems to continue. Yes, this one is a cliffhanger....look for this author's next novel... Your Husband, My Sugar Daddy 2! 


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