Lagniappe - a novella By: Brian W. Smith

Book Description....

"Four former army friends reunite in New Orleans for a "guys" weekend. What starts out as a night of reminiscing and partying spirals into a weekend that will change all of their lives forever. The guys quickly learn that time changes people. The guys went to New Orleans to party, but they all get a little something extra."

Title:  Lagniappe
Author:  Brian W. Smith
Publisher:  Hollygrove Publisher
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Lagniappe" by Brian W. Smith

My Thoughts....

Wow, this is what did happen when four military friends [Nick, Derek, Carmelo and Hamilton] take a trip 'down memory lane'...a reunion to New Orleans.  Yes, this will be two nights of fun but who would have ever thought that taking a trip down memory lane may not have been the best route to have gone on for these friends.  What will happen when 'secrets' start to come out that will change their lives forever?

What is going on with Nick Drummond [his wife Gabrielle], Hamilton Porter and Nick, Derek Hanson and Carmelo Kingston [his wife Janet]....and how do these people all tie into each other?

Well, you will just have to pick up 'Lagniappe' and see for yourself how well this author presents it all to you in this twist of a read that will definitely give you a 'jaw-dropping ending! This is definitely one of those reads that will cause you to think about it long after the read.  Would I recommend? YES!


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