Beautiful Ugly By: Sheila E. Lipsey [Bell]

Book Description...

"The empowering story of three women--each with her own set of problems, situations, and secrets--who share a friendship bound together by their need for each other."

"Envy Wilson, Layla Hobbs, Kacie Mayweather, three thirty year old women, each with their own set of problems, situations, and secrets, share a friendship bound together by their need for each other. One by one, they each try to play with the deck life deals them. After all, the alternative to living is dying, and who wants to go down that pathway. There is too much zest in living for them, too many things to see, places to go and an endless list of mistakes yet to be made. Layla fights the battle of obesity, but her melodious voice can soothe the savage beast, but who can soothe her desire for love? Envy is her backbone and is one of the few people in her life who doesn’t beat up on her about being overweight. Kacie has cerebral palsy, six children and five baby daddies, but never a husband. She prays that Deacon, an older man she meets at church, will be the perfect man to love and care for her and her children. Envy has her own secrets that she refuses to share, not even with Layla and Kacie. When life begins to change for each of these ladies, will their friendships hold up? When good things happen can it cause bad reactions? Can a good man bring you down? Can a bad man bring you up? Can friendship last in the midst of joy and pain? Through it all, the three of them cling to each other – but the circumstances they face in life will hopefully teach them how to cling to God."

Title:  Beautiful Ugly
Author:  Shelia E. Lipsey [Bell]
Publisher:  S. E.L.
Series: Book 1
Reviewed By Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Beautiful Ugly" by Sheila E. Lipsey [Bell]

My Thoughts...

This was quite a interesting well written story about three friends...Envy, Layla and Kacie.  Each one of these ladies have a different story that was well told in their own unique way.  One of these ladies let's say had a lots of 'bedtime friends, another one with a wonderful voice but suffered from self esteem issues and a little on the heavy side and the last one who was born with cerebral palsy however, that didn't stop her...she had six children with another one on the way with no hubby!   All three friends were battling some insecurities in one way or another.   These three ladies argued and fussed a lot however they were always their for each other when the time was needed.  This read was rather entertaining, as well as engaging being so full of its drama and twist and turns.  I liked the Christian aspect of the read which was well done by this author. If you are looking for a story full about 'friendship, family drama and secrets then you have come to the right place.  Why was it that it seems like every time these friends would get together or even  talk on the phone  they often got into such heated arguments?  Was it because they did not seem to know the meaning of true love?  However, Envy, Layla and Kacie always seemed to stick together in the good times and also the bad times.  That was one of the reasons I loved about the novel.

The other characters in this story really helped make this read so very interesting...from Nikkei, Leonard, Deacon, Mrs. Rawlings and Dennis to name a few.   To get the rest of this wonderfully believable told story you will have to pick up book 2 'True Beauty' to see what happens next for Layla, Kacie and Envy.


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