Tethered Angel By: T. M. Brown

Book Description...

"This is the Part 2 of Struggles of the Women Folk. Angel, Georgie's daughter tells you what occurs before, during and after her abduction. The story takes place during the turbulent 1950s. Accompany Angel as she travels the world with Miss Emily Barker and Angel's mother's husband Ricky."

Title:  Tethered Angel
Author:  T. M. Brown
Publisher:  Createspace
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Tethered Angel" by T. M.  Brown

My Thoughts....

A very touching story...of Angel young black girl in the 50's who was the daughter of 'Georgie and Donnie' that endured quite a bit from the hands of Miss Emily Baker.  I will say that lady definitely made Angel's abduction so very captivating giving the read a very interesting read.  As Angel is drawn into Miss Emily manipulation, craziness and  strangeness and let's not leave out that hold she had on Ricky. Will Angel make it back to her mom Georgie before it is too late?     In the end I liked how this author brings it all together and I will stop here and say to get the whole story the reader will have to pick up this well written read with a good storyline to see what all happens in the end.  


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