A Fool For You: What Else I Need Kindle Edition by Marques Lewis

Book Synopsis:

"Kim and Marcus Williams are going through a rough patch in their marriage. With Marcus, struggling at the beginning of his career and Kim not able to get pregnant she is driven to cheat. At the beginning of their marriage, Marcus sends a text to Kim’s best-friend that was for Kim. 
Marcus and Kim have untold secrets, and no one knows until a friendly faces show up on William’s doorstep.
Derrick and Monica Harris seem to have the perfect marriage. That is until Monica decides to do something spontaneous for her husband. Monica thinks her husband is perfect and that Derrick would not cheat on her like she witnesses from others, but she will see a whole different side."
Drama and erotica are filled into part 1 of this crazy twisted series…

Title:  A Fool For You:  What Else I need
Author:  Marques Lewis
Publisher:  Marques Lewis 
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Four

"A Fool For You:  What Else I Need" by Marques Lewis

My  Rationalization:

What a read as this author takes the reader on quite a trip with these two couples: Kim and Marcus and Derrick and Monica.  If you are looking for a story with twists and turns you have come to the right place for "A Fool For You: What Else I Need' will give it all to you [from the drama to erotica] and still have you wanting to know what else will come of these four people?  Yes, it has a cliffhanger ending so the reader will have to get the next part to get the remainder of the story and it seems like it will be some ending for these two couples.


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