Amorous Déjà vu: An Urban Romance Kindle Edition by J Brinkley

Book Synopsis:

"After many attempts to find that special someone and failing, Kim decides to redirect her focus on herself and her only daughter. Judging things by her past relationships, she realizes that things usually begin lovely, but end tragically. 

She questions her fate; how will this relationship end? Or will it last? Only time will reveal that unknown secret."

Title:  Amorous Deja vu 
Author:  J. Brinkley
Publisher:  VOMA                         
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Amorous Deja vu" by J. Brinkley

My Rationalization:  

Wow!  What a love beautiful sweet well-written romance that "Amorous Deja vu " was that this author presented so well to the reader.  As I was reading through the story I wasn't sure how it was coming together but indeed after the trust issue was established between Kim and Jason there was nothing left for them but love that definitely existed for them.  I really did enjoy seeing how this hero acted toward the heroine...the song for her..oh wow!  Also, I liked the conversations [polical] that went on during the barber and beauty shop visits.  And saying all of that I will definitely say this is a good romantic read that I would recommend.


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