Lady Guardians: The Wrong Side of Right Kindle Edition by L. Loren

Book Synopsis:

"Birmingham, AL has been a hotbed for civil rights since the 1960s. The Lady Guardians Motorcycle Club has been instrumental in continuing the cause today. As vice president of the Birmingham chapter of the Lady Guardians, Lark ‘Lil Mama’ Decker is an integral part of this fight, especially when it comes to police brutality. Things get tricky when a Caucasian security guard saves her from being accosted by a group of aggressive teenagers. Lark finds herself enthralled with this man as they launch into a whirlwind relationship. 
Fenton Knoll is smitten with the pint-sized beauty from the first moment he lays eyes on Lark. Too bad she hates cops. When he delays telling her that he is not just a security guard, but a full-time officer in the Intelligence Unit, he is playing with fire. An unfortunate shooting involving a young, black single mother exposes his secret and launches Fenton into the national spotlight, as he fights for his freedom.
Lark has to choose between believing the love of her life, who has lied to her, and her club sisters, who have taken the side of the victim. Both sides believe they are justified in their position. Placed in the middle of a racially charged case, Lark must determine who is standing on the wrong side of right."

Title:  Lady Guardians:  The Wrong Side of Right
Author:  L. Loren
Publisher:  L.L.   
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Lady Guardians:  The Wrong Side of Right" by L. Loren

My Rationalization:

This was another good read of "Lady Guardians: The Wrong Side of Right' that featured Lark [Lil Mama] and Fenton.  It was a beautiful read of what can happen when one stands up for what they believe and it was definite that Lark believed in Fenton.  The storyline was quite something as we see how the Lady Guardians work and sometimes they can be wrong as they were in this situation. I loved how the National president of the Lady Guardians Lady Justice did apologize for what had gone on toward Lark [Lil Mama] and Fenton. I will say I still didn't care much for Lotus, and Larks' dad but I did love Lark's best friend, Big Sexy.  All in all the story turns out to be a good read.  It was good seeing how one will stand up for what they believe and stick to there guns no matter what!

This BWWM novel is raw, yet sexy and ends on a HEA.


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