Identical Sins: An Urban Fiction Romance Kindle Edition by Tatum James

Book Synopsis:

"When desperation strikes, how far would you go?

When twin sisters plan a robbery, what could possibly go right?

I fought back tears like a soldier, as I walked back to my apartment. Only for the flood gates to open once I trudged up the stairs to my walk up to find a pink FINAL NOTICE plastered on the door.
I hadn't even paid this month's rent and here it was 9 days away from the 1st again.-Lola, Identical Sins

The challenges of twin sisters fighting to claw their way out of a dire situation. After losing their parents at 14, sisters Nina and Lola are left alone to navigate the world. When the twin sisters plot to rob local drug dealer, Luckie, they know that they're taking a risk. Desperation and eviction notices cloud the judgment of the pair leading to a deadly cat and mouse game. Will the sisters finally come out on top? What comes free, won't come cheap."

Title:  Identical Sins
Author:  Tatum James
Publisher:  T.J.   
Series:  Part 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Identical Sins" by Tatum James

My Rationalization:

Wow, how could a twin treat her sister like this?  Well, it seems that Nina love for her sister Lola really proved just how she really felt about her when the scheme didn't work out as was planned.  I guess what the one sister didn't realize just how much Luckie[Malcolm] really knew about the other sister.  Even though there were many twists and turns the reader will get quite a fast read that will keep your interest in turning the pages to see what was coming next.  I loved how an 'unlikely love developed from some crazy circumstances.'  


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