Mr. Vega Kindle Edition by Xyla Turner

Book Synopsis:

"Mr. Vega
I didn't want this woman to be my nanny. She had no experience and a failed art career. What did she know about rearing children? She was my late wife's choice and I didn't too much care for the woman and she didn't care for me either.
Until all hell broke loose and the nanny was the only one my son could turn to. The only one we could rely on. She kept us going and then she wanted to leave too.
Not a damn chance.

There could never be anything between me and Mr. Vega. He was the father of the boy in my charge. I was his nanny. Nothing more and nothing less.
The lines needed to be clear between him and me, but a nagging feeling told me, he would keep them blurred."
Note: This is a standalone book, but it does have cameos from other series: Across the Aisle: Trent & Duncan, Lady Guardians: Goldie, Stetson Series: By Chance, No Choice. It is IR, BWWM, and HEA, but Duncan is a different kind of perfect. I hope you give him a chance.

Title:  Mr. Vega
Author:  Xyla Turner
Publisher:  AZINA MEDIA PUBLICATIONS             
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Mr. Vega" by Xyla Truner

My Rationalization:

All I can say about the character Gail in this novel was definitely a phenomenal person that was there for the team Vega seeing how the death of a lovely wife did change the lives of three people.

This was indeed a beautiful read of seeing how this author brings Logan, Casey, and Faith together giving them quite a plus at being again the team Vega.  It was good to see Faith finally finding herself and being the person she so deserved and seeing also Logan finding love twice was really a beautiful thing.  And I don't want to leave out the son Casey being omg just one sweet boy that brings a lot to the story.  Will this nanny be able to bring Logan and Casey back to being a complete Vega team?  Well, to find out you must pick up the good read to find out.   

I found "Mr. Vega" was a well-written read that had some 'happiness, sadness, joy, tears, laughter,' some real steamy scene that will leave you in awe all giving the reader one good read that you will not be able to put down until the end.  


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