Take A Knee Kindle Edition by Xyla Turner

Book Synopsis:

"Take A Knee by USA Today Bestselling & Award-Winning Author Xyla Turner

Zora McCoy
I'm done with men, done with anything that looks like a man and just wants to live my life.
I'm a woman's basketball semi-pro coach with a dream to make it to the top. One offer from a team owner has me rethinking everything I thought I wanted for my career.
The problem is, we do not fundamentally agree on basic issues. I take a knee at every game and he defended those that deny my core belief.
He needs to leave me alone.
I want nothing to do with a man and especially him.

Harvey Black
They told me I couldn't do it and I showed them. I showed them all.
Why can't I show her?
Zora McCoy, the woman who grates my nerves and makes me want to take her against a wall.
She's smart, loyal and wants NOTHING to do with me.
Yet, when she has my back, I know that she is what I need. When I lose her trust, I also know, it's Zora that I must have.
By any means necessary."

This IR/BWWM novel is raw, yet sexy and a HEA. 

Title:  Take A Knee
Author:  Xyla Turner
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Take A Knee" by Xyla Turner

My Rationalization:

I really enjoyed this story of "Take A Knee" that featured Zora and Havey and would definitely recommend it as a great read.  I really liked how this author was able to enlist what was going on with the 'Black Lives Matter Movement '[social awareness aspect] and intermingled it into the read along with tackling the interracial couple issue. It was really interesting seeing how Harvey knew what he wanted and that was Zora was it for him.  This relationship may have taken off somewhat rocky but it did grow into some quite 'beautiful and oh so meaningful' showing Zora that he was 'worthy of all of her.'  I enjoyed all of the characters that really helped bring to the reader some very well developed and defined people which helped in this well-executed plot.  By the end of the story, you have a great read of 'life, love, family and definitely standing up for what one believes in.'      


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