Lady Guardians: Goldie: Nationals Kindle Edition by Xyla Turner

Book Synopsis:

"Lady Guardians: Goldie was written by USA Today Bestselling & Award-Winning Author Xyla Turner

#Warning# This novella is very short, with characters over 40, has a lot of sex and colorful language.

Violet "Goldie" Gray, Treasurer of the Lady Guardians National Chapter

Goldie isn't looking for the happily ever after, like her sisters. She knows all too well, that's a waste of time. Easy come easy go.
Therefore when the gruff, rugged bounty hunter/security firm President decided to block her next one-night stand. Not only did Goldie show him, but she also wasn't the one to be played with, she showed him what being over 40 meant.

Baxter Church
My group, the Defenders, had worked with the Lady Guardians before. So, it was nothing to go to their bar. However, what wasn't normal, was for me to end up between the woman of all women and some asshat trying to get lucky. Hell, it was a no-brainer. The only person she was going home with that night, was me.
I'm too old for games. Too experienced for bullshit. Too smitten to not stake my claim.
The Lady Guardian isn't having it, though.
Now, it's time to go on the offense."

This IR/BWWM novella is raw, sexy, over 40's and a HEA. 

Title:  Lady Guardians:  Goldie: Nationals
Author:  Xyla Turner
Series:  Lady Guardians
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Four
"Lady Guardians:  Goldie: Nationals" by Xyla Turner

My Rationalization:

We find that Church and Goldie had no time for games, therefore, they went after what they wanted with Church being so bossy and Goldie was definitely a 'hot ride.'   However, Church may have had some quirks about him but Goldie was definitely the one to let him know how she felt when he talked to her like he did.  Therefore, he was left standing there looking quite stupid and what was great about the read was that Church was able to right a wrong and apologize.  Now, to get the whole story you will have to pick up 'Lady Guardians: Goldie: Nationals.' It will be hot and steamy read!  


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