A Sweet Taste In Your Mouth By: Anaya Kay

Book Description....

"Sweet and innocent describes some women, but scandalous and sexy describes others. Some ladies think they have it all, while others know they have it all and then some. Is it possible to enjoy friends, family and work? Can you discover who you are as a person while being a good friend and lover? A Sweet Taste in Your Mouth is the story of five friends discovering themselves while searching for the sweetness of life. Lillian is married with children and struggling to deal with her husband's on-going affairs. Alexis is secretly dating a very handsome man and afraid to acknowledge their relationship. Candy is in love with a man engaged to another woman and secretly trying to get pregnant for him. Shannon has caught the taste of the finer things in life, has a sponsor, and uses the Shannon system of working men. Imani is single and struggling with her lack of companionship amidst her girlfriends' active social calendars. Their spot is a bar in the middle of town with a cast of regulars, but every Thursday night, they own the place. The ladies meet, eat, and sip drinks weekly at their favorite spot talking about every bite, lick, and taste of life while plotting on men. Throughout all their adventures, the friends know they will always have each other. These sexy, sassy, and seductively sweet women live, work, and play in the city of New Orleans. The question remains "Will everyone get to the sweet spot of life?"

Title:  A Sweet Taste In Your Mouth
Author: Anaya Kay
Publisher:  Elizee Jones Choix
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Sweet Taste In Your Mouth" by Anaya Kay

My Thoughts....

This was about five beautiful women Lillian, Alexis, Candy, Shannon and Imani...all 'searching for the sweetness of life.  I loved this setting that the author used which was in New Orleans. These young ladies will take the reader on quite a interesting adventure  journey that will keep your attention from start to the end. As you will see each one of these beautiful ladies will have their own story to tell  The characters will be found very well developed, defined and oh so believable only helping to give the readers one good read.  I loved reading about there 'Thursday night bar and reading what all went on as the 'met, ate and drank and talked about everything from every 'bite, lick to the  taste of life while plotting on men.' What I really liked from the read what that at the end of the day each friend had each others back.  So, when it's all over 'Will everyone get to the sweet spot of life?  This is where I say you will have to pick up "A Sweet Taste In Your Mouth" to see how well this author presents it all to the reader.

I was given this novel during the BWABC Literacy Festival on September 19, 2015 to read and give my honest opinion.  Thank you to the author for such a good read.


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