Facing Our Future: Building Strong Black Men in the Twenty-First Century, By: Jeremiah Hopes & Zack Reynolds, Jr.

Book Description....

"It is no secret that the plight of the African American male in America has reached epidemic proportions. Poor education, social injustice, substance abuse, gang violence, incarceration, uncultivated talents and skills have taken their toll.
Facing Our Future: Building Strong Black Men In The Twenty-First Century is not about recounting dismal statistics, making excuses or casting blame. This book is focused on facing our future (our young black men), providing solutions, and harnessing our collective energies and efforts to make a difference instead of wasting time and energy pointing the finger.
Within the pages of this game-changing work black men and boys, parents, educators, mentors, counselors, and community members at-large will find numerous solutions-focused topics such as: *The Essentials of Manhood, *Barriers to men being mentors, The Five Must's of A Mentor, and the Three Key Areas Where Mentoring Is Required, *Strategies For The Resident and Non-Resident Father, * What If I Can't Dribble, Dunk, Run, Or Rap?, * Let's Talk About Sex (Dating and Safe Sex In The Twenty-First Century), *How To Be Mission-Driven vs Money-Driven, *Entrepreneurship and The Multiple-Streams Of Income Mindset, *Education: Are Black Boys Brilliant Or Broken?, and *A Man's Greatest Asset And Liability
There are two things we are convinced of:
1. Blaming does nothing to solve the problem.
2. We are not the only ones that want to be a part of the solution.
In order to change the narrative, close the belief gap, and see black men as the leaders and assets that they truly are, we must be willing to roll up our sleeves and do the necessary work. The legacy of the black family of tomorrow rests in the work we do to build strong black men today. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. If you are solutions-focused, this book was written for you!"

Title:  Facing Our Future
Authors:  Jeremiah Hopes & Zack Reynolds, Jr.
Publisher:  Real Models Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Facing Our Future: Building Strong Black Men in the Twenty-First Century"  Jeremiah Hopes & Zack Reynolds, Jr

My Thoughts...

I will say I am a black female and was given this read by one of the authors ....to read and give a honest review.  All I can say is wow, this is one excellent read on its subject.  These authors really put it all out their for our 'black men.'  Now what do I mean by that?...Just pick up this read "Facing Our Future' and you will see how well this novel is laid out for our 'Black Men in the Twenty-First Century.'  The read starts with a foreword by Chance W. Lewis, A note to our Readers and Introduction. Then the reader is given a Part 1 [Man Your Facturing Men, It's Called MENtoring For A Reason & The Man Of The House]...Part II [What If I Can't Dribble, Dunk, Run Or Rap? Let's Talk About Sex, & Handle Your Business], Part III [Brilliant or Broken & Don't Get Mad...Get Busy!] then the Epilogue.  All I can say after all is said and done...you must read this novel for yourself to see how well these authors put it out there for the 'Black Man.' I found this read full of some good advice.

Will we be able to build strong black men in our generation?  Will their be older and wiser  people out there to be able to help, mold and shape us into what is needed for the black man today?  One thing for certain...we need to push forward.  And from this read the reader will get all of that and more.

I  love this quote I read from the epilogue...

"...It is our aim to help them to help them to be the imitable leaders, husbands, fathers and mentors that they are designed to be....The young black males of today are our future and they are worth the effort that it will take...We must not stand back and complain about the plight of black males when we can use the same energy to create positive change.  It is only when we take personal ownership of the problems facing the black male community that we can begin to see  statistics reversed and mindsets changed.  In order for the black lives to matter to others, they must first matter to us!"

There is so much more in this read that is so very good to read. Would I recommend "Facing Our Future: Building Strong Black Men in the Twenty-First Century, by:  Jeremiah Hopes & Zack Reynolds, Jr.?"   YES,YES and YES!  This is a wonderful good novel for all 'Strong Black Men' to read.

I was given this novel during the BWABC Literacy Festival on September 19, 2015 to read and give my honest opinion.  Thank you to the author for such a good read.


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