Heroine Tracks: Essays and Poetry from a Superwoman By: Aisha Raison


"Aisha Raison's recent book is, according to her, "Me, standing in the desert buck naked for the world...I'm getting a great tan, but still scared of getting burned."

Heroine Tracks is a book that had been created since the release of Speaking in Cursive and Other Adventures of Little Girl Blue in 2012. This book a personal diary, a few pages from her life : revealing, honest and sincere. Ms. Raison tells tales of womanhood and its friendships (or sometimes the lack of), domestic violence, rising again after a fall, cheating, coping with the end of a marriage and more. As a Womanist, poet and mother of one, she wanted to reveal more than just the poetry and to remind women that they are not alone, whether it is getting out of a relationship, reintroducing herself to the woman that she is or getting over the hurt that she has endured."

Title:  Heroine Tracks:  Essay and Poetry from a Superwoman
Author:  Aisha Raison
Publisher:  A. R.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Heroine Tracks:  Essays and Poetry from a Superwoman" by Aisha Raison

My Thoughts....

I will have to say after reading the first page of this author read, I simply couldn't put 'Heroine Tracks'  down. I had to stop and ask this author if this was a true read and was told that it was...simply leaving me to say I think this one is going to be a very intriguing good read...and it was!
Ms.Aisha is telling her story and leaving no corners left unturned in her story.  We are given a story of just how it was starting when she received her first dairy at the age of eight and her writing starts. There will be some pitfalls where she stops but will pick it back up around thirteen having learned from a horrible incident that it wasn't wise to put it in a diary Aisha 'started  writing music lyrics and poetry' where she was able to 'express and tell truths' about herself.  Now, Aisha was able 'to put her emotions on paper without someone calling her out on her silliness.'  This was great now Aisha had discovered that she was indeed 'Superwoman.'  All seemed well and good  for Aisha but there will be many pitfalls for her as wants a good man in her life.  Will she be able to find one that will love her?  You will find that there are twelve chapters and ten poems included in this read.  My favorite chapter was Chapter seven...'An Open Apology...By An Independent Black Woman.'  I loved it!  The poems were wonderful...all talking about what Aisha and what she had done through...but my favorite one was number eight...'And God Created Woman.'  I don't want to tell too much other than say this is a very good read and only hope you will pick it up and see how well this author brings out this well written essays all out to the reader.  In the end you will get Aisha complete story that I will say is a survivor and I am sure she will make it with or without ......  Thank you for your story and indeed you are a 'Superwoman!'

I want to thank this author for her gift of this read for my honest opinion I met at the BWABC Literacy Festival in Memphis, TN last September, 2015.


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