Journey To Praise By: Jackie Dotson

Book Description....

"Praise is powerful-But did you know, it's a tool you can use to see God move in your life, right now? Jackie had a direct experience with God and he spoke to her, asking, "Are you using the tools I have given you? She went on her journey, obediently, using those tools and now she wants to share her journey with you, as God commanded her to do. Whatever situation or problem you are facing, this book is your powerful tool to use to reach your victory. Jackie Dotson shares her amazing journey and "Praise Fast" that will change your life, just as it changed hers. This book is an outstanding tool emphasizing the tools, in which, God mentions in His Word. She lays out many of God's tools needed in order to receive the blessings He has for you. Jackie reveals how consecration and fasting team up as a powerful tool, to get you closer to God in ways you cannot imagine. When you see what God did in Ms. Dotson's life you will see how fasting and praying will increase and strengthen your faith. Do you need to hear from God? Take a "vacation" using this self-help paperback. Use this easy read along with your bible (scriptures are given thru-out the book) to develop or strengthen your relationship with God. This book tool can be used as your book club selection, your bible study companion, or ? Check out her website to start your journey to praise:"

Title:  Journey to Praise  A Book of Consecrations and Fasting
Author:  Jackie Dotson
Publisher Create Space
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Journey to Praise" by Jackie Dotson

My Thoughts....

This was a wonderful well written novel with this author showing an sharing her 'Journey to Praise' through consecrations and fasting.  I loved how this author was able to share her story with us as she starts 'using the tools that had been given to her from God.'  It all starts with her challenges, finances which can lead to depression. What did God tell her to do in this situation she had been dealt? This will be a good read as Ms. Dotson is taken a quite a journey 'seeking and searching for a church  that would help her in her spiritual growth.'  What did she find on this journey?  As the reader reads through this novel we learn about just what consecration and fasting really means.  How does all of this work?  Well, just sit back an read about Jackie Dotson's  Journey to Praise as she explains it all as she tells her story backed up with scriptures on this beautiful road as Ms. Dotson 'lays out many of God's tools needed in order to receive the blessing He has for you'.  We will continue on this 'Journey after the 21st Day Fast.' This was beautifully delivered and then it's our turn where we get 'Your Journey to Praise' where we are 'to use the tools that God has given us.'  I loved how this author gives us each step...starting with 'The Fruits of the Spirit'  on to the ending which was to 'Be Hold in the Lord,'  At the end of the read we are presented a 21 day Journal with each step followed with the scriptures of praises to follow  which were inspired by biblical numbers for each day.' And the last section we will be presented the 'Journey Continues which was a *Special Bonus.*

 Wow, this is a rich read that only will not  be fully understood until you pick up this excellent read of  "Journey to Praise" to see for yourself how well this message is brought out by this author.  This was indeed a good story of what "God did in Ms.Dotson's life.

Thank you to Ms. Jackie Dotson for giving me your novel for my honest opinion.  It was great reading you at the BWABC Literacy Festival September 19, 2015 and you giving me your book for a honest opinion of the read.


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