S.H.E. Serenity, Hope, & Encouragement: For Daily Motivation By: Courtney Brooks

Book Description....

"S.H.E. is a daily motivational designed to encourage and inspire individuals all over the world. Through readings that will help you understand the strength that lies within you, Courtney Brooks has provided insight into helping you utilize those strengths by including exercises after each reading."

Title:  S.H.E. Serenity, Hope and Encouragement
Author:  Courtney Brooks
Publisher:  WestBow Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"S.H.E. Serenity, Hope, & Encouragement: For Daily Motivation"   By:  Courtney Brooks

My Thoughts....

If you are looking for some encouragement and inspirational motivation you have come to the right place for S.H.E will give it to you and so much more.  I loved how this book opens asking you is you have had your 'S.H.E. today?  Then it goes on to say if you haven't you have come to the right place as the read will  present to you 30 days of  'motivational messages' starting with....Day 1...Serenity...Day 2 Hope...Day 3...Encouragement and so on to Day 30 Survivor. There will also be daily Bible verses that will 'complement the word of the day' along with come helpful questions that 'are there to help one obtain a better understanding of how to accomplished what your heart desires.'
You will definitely be left with a 'powerful inspiring and uplifting' feel that will truly help you make your day as you journal through what you have read for that particular day. This author did a wonderful job at presenting this to her readers.  This authors' goal is for all to 'feel inspire after each reading, motivating one  to accomplish whatever is on your list of goals.'  'S.H. E.' is definitely a amazing good daily motivational read for anyone.

It was pleasure to meet this author at the BWABC Literacy Festival in Memphis, TN and given this novel for a honest review.


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