Brock's Redemption By: Eva J. Brock

Book Description...

"BROCK is by far the most powerful "Ultimate" Watcher to roam the earth. Bound by duty and love, he has spent five thousand years living in the shadows, protecting God's 'so loved' humanity from his evil demon brethren. For his faithfulness to his commission, he has been promised a "Spirit" mate, that he will find in due season. After five thousand years, of searching...he has found her, at last. Nothing and no one will keep him from claiming his woman. Not even her! JODI is a college professor who has been abandoned by her husband, family and friends. She has lost faith humanity and has no interest in establishing a new relationship. With anyone! But when she walks upon Brock, in the park, both their worlds are changed. But is that change for the better? Jodi is Brock's 'Spirit' Mate. She's the one woman whose blood promises to extinguish the fiery darts of his demon within. Nothing will keep him from claiming her. But can she risk it? Are her wounds too deep? Unknown to both of them Brock's, enemies are gathering en masse. In hopes of delivering a devastating final blow to him, Jodi becomes their number one target. Just how far will Brock go to save his "Spirit" Mate? Will he rescue her in time? What will the fallout be? Will they survive this attack and kindle the love affair of both their dreams? Their contemporary love story is fraught with new found self-worth, spirituality, sexuality, fierce bloody battles...and REDEMPTION!"

Title:  Brock's Redemption
Author:  Eva J. Brock
Publisher:  Createspace
Series:  Spirit Mate Series # 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Brock's Redemption" by Eva J. Brock

My Thoughts.....

What a interesting read..a paranormal romance with a 'Arch Angels and  Trembling Demons.'  This author really gives the reader a good well written story about Brock and Jodi.  I loved how this man...Brock really knows how to take care of his woman...Jodi.  Be ready for a read that will give you some 'historical, biblical, funny, spiritual and a wonderful powerful romance.  What will happen when Fred Brock aka the watcher finds his 'Spirit Mate?' What will happen when Jodi's family turn there back on her? This was definitely a way to find ones 'Soul Mate' with a alpha male and a strong woman. The author really presents the reader with a 'love story, the fight again Good and Evil' and come humor that will have you laughing so hard.  "Brock's Redemption" will be a fast paced read where you will be turning the pages to see what was coming next. And saying that I will be ready for this author's next series 'Spirit Mate # 2 Ramiiel's Symphony # 2.'  If you  would like a good paranormal read I would definitely recommend this author's Brock's Redemption to you.

I was given this novel during the BWABC Literacy Festival on September 19, 2015 to read and give my honest opinion.  Thank you to the author for such a good read.


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