God's Grace Is Sufficient: A Life After Homicide By: Jean Jackson


"Jean Jackson recounts the tragic events after the murder of her oldest son in March 2007. During that time in her life, she learned to depend more on God for direction and guidance for her life. Seven years after the murder, she is still telling her story."

Title: God's Grace Is Sufficient...Life After Homicide
Author: Jean Jackson
Publisher: WestBow Press
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"God's Grace Is Sufficient: A Life After Homicide" by: Jean Jackson

My Thoughts...

This was a true story of what had happened to this person's son...for he was murdered in 2007 and now seven year later we find from this read, Ms. Jackson is now telling her story about this horrible incident. You will see from the story that this isn't a good story but one where you will see just how she felt about issues that were going on around her [Ms.Jackson] during that time. Now, how is Ms. Jackson doing now? This is where I say you will have to pick up this good short read 'God's Grace Is Sufficient' that explains it so well to the readers. You will get her true feeling about it all and how God was there for her through it all. Ms. Jackson's wrote this because she 'wants this story not only for her healing but for all families who have struggled through a similar experience.'

What I enjoyed about this story was during the read there was a certain phrase [as well as the title] that was delivered that really opened it up for me and that was "God's Grace Is Sufficient" and He really is!

Thank you to this author for a gift of her novel for a honest review.


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