Love Ain't Enough 2: The Final By Kaliyah Knight

Book Description....

"Love Ain't Enough 2: The Finale 
Ladies, why does it take so much misuse and pain from a man for us to finally have had enough? 
With Makhi's Glock pointed to her temple, Nine knelt on her knees, finally coming to terms with the fact that he doesn't deserve her heart. But Makhi Mack is all that Nine has ever known. Makhi breaks Nine's heart on a daily, and gives that tap-out sex every night. But she's no longer blinded. While she's making arrangements to leave Makhi, her three older brothers decide to check for her, and see how well he's treating her. Blood is everything, so Nine's bros go no less than hard when it comes to their baby sister. Cutting ties with Makhi will turn this family function into a deadly mess..."

Title:  Love Ain't Enough 2
Author:  K'aliyah Knight
Publisher:  Shan Presents
Series  Love Ain't Enough #2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Love Ain't Enough 2" by K'aliyah Knight

My Thoughts....

All I can say was what a ending that I certainly didn't see coming!  There were certainly some characters that I will say got just what they desired.   I did like the introduction of some new characters that really added to this story. Thank you to the author for giving the reader a well
written conclusion to this series where the 'right people were taken out and we received a happily
ever after' for some good people.  


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