Ivy's League By: Nina Forrester

Book Description...

"By any measure, she is a success. By any measure that is, except her own.

Ivy Livingstone has entrée into Washington DC’s political elite, lives in an exclusive neighborhood and sends her son to a sought-after private school. But her beautiful life is a gilded cage. She is independent, but alone. And unfortunately, very few men are confident enough to believe they are in Ivy’s league.

Eli Thomason has all the confidence in the world, except when it comes to his own judgment about women. And his attraction to Ivy Livingstone proves him right. She is everything he shouldn’t want: a woman above his station and beyond his means. He overreached once before and still lives with the heartbreaking consequences, so why does he find it so difficult to leave Ivy alone?

And if their own baggage isn’t enough, Ivy and Eli have to contend with that of circumstances around them that seem hell-bent on confirming their worst fear: that the bond they’re beginning to build can’t possibly last." 

Title:  Ivy's League
Author:  Nina Forrester
Publisher:  Stilettio Press LLC.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Ivy's League" by Nina Forrester

My Thoughts....

"Ivy's League" was a beautifully written romantic story about two people...Ivy and Eli.  The flow of this story was very well done as we are presented with two people who have two life styles in that were similar in that they were divorced and had son's but that is where it stopped.  I loved how this author was able to give the reader a realistic story where you may even know of someone in this situation. Yes, even though  both had jobs however, when it came to their diverted lifestyle when it came to money this was a different issue for each of them.  How will this professional 'black woman'  and this blue collar worker come together and be able to rise above the issue that are before them?  I loved how one of the exes seemed to want to play a more uplifting  role in his child's life. This author will keep you guessing with a few twist at what was going to happen next definitely keeping your attention till the very end.  Be ready for a very thought provoking story filled with lovers, families, exes, friends and some real seamy sexy love scenes.

There were some very interesting intriguing characters that were well portrayed, developed, and believable that really will give the readers a very good relateable read.  And with saying that I would recommend this novel "Ivy's League" as a well told love story.


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