Kalifornia Luv By: Clifford Spud Johnson

Book Description....

"Kalifornia Luv" is about a young black man recently released from prison trying his best to make the right decisions for himself as well as for his children. Siggy is determined to make it in society without having to go the illegal hustling route ever again. His only problem is, he doesn't have a clue how he's going to be able to accomplish this difficult task. He's blessed to have a wonderful woman on his side. She loves her man and she will do whatever it takes to help him stay out of prison. A promotion company, LA club scenes, ecstasy pills, baby mama drama outline this intricate gangster tale.

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Title:  Kalifornia Luv
Author:  Clifford Spud Johnson
Publisher:  Lucki Read Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Kalifornia Luv" by Clifford Spud Johnson

My Thoughts....

What a  well written story this author presents so well to the readers.  This was definitely one of those reads that once you start you will find it hard to put down even though it was a long read.  There will be a lots going on in this read so you will have to keep up.  The characters were off the chart..Siggy[Cedrick], Tanisha, Falonia[aka Felony], Squid, Maria and Ayana to name a few were well developed, well portrayed and oh so well believable all helping to give the reader a good read.   Be ready for a little bit of it all from Baby mama drama, cheating, drug deals, gang banging and much more  that will keep your attention with the read all the way to the ending. And that ending that came together so quickly only leaving you wanting more.  So, if you like a gangsta  urban reads, I would recommend 'Kalifornia Luv' to you as  a good read.


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