I'm Losing You: Book Four in the Stafford Brothers Series By: Chicki Brown

Book Description....

Dr. Vic Stafford has an enviable career, a gorgeous wife, and two handsome, well-behaved sons. He travels extensively without his family, but after twelve years of marriage, former beauty queen wife, Ramona has become cold and distant. He suspects all isn’t as it seems and sets out to discover what is behind her attitude change.

Ramona Stafford has lived a privileged life since her marriage to Vic. She spends her time doing charity work and making her husband, who is now the chief of surgery at the largest hospital in the south, look good. Mona has everything most women would kill for, but it’s not enough. She wants more, and Vic seems unable to give it to her.

Is money and status enough to keep their marriage alive?

Title:  I'm Losing You
Author:  Chicki Brown
Publisher:  C.B.
Series:  Stafford Brothers Series #4
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"I'm Losing You" by Chicki Brown

My Thoughts....

This was a good well written story dealing with another Stafford brother ...Vic.

The story was about two people... I loved how this author was able to give us a good story dealing
with what all a marriage may take to work. Will Vic  and Mona Stafford be able to work it all out in the end? Will they learned from all that will come out?

I found all of the characters were all off the chart...all well developed, defined and portrayed & believable.

In the end...

We get another beautiful family series....Book Four in the Stafford Brothers that I would definitely recommend and will be looking forward to this author's next series...'I Want You Back.'


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