Life Of Adaja By Leticie Ryan

Book Description....

"Adaya Norton is a young beauty that knows only two words: poverty and abuse. That is until, Adaya, moves to a small town where she and her siblings attend Cooley High... This is where Rocco is introduced to her life. Adaya is instantly intrigued and attracted to Rocco but he's off limits. Knowing that one of her new best friends has a thing for this school superstar and their other friend has her mind set to test new temptations with women, what's a girl to do? Adaya finds herself surrounded with lusting, murdering individuals, who are plotting to rip away at her flesh. As she struggles with the pain of the abuse from her parents and heartbreak of watching her brother fight with drug addiction, the walls are closing in on her. The only person keeping her sane is her granny educating her about God and sex. Soon she is betrayed and sold into a sex union held against her will, or is she?"

Title:  Life Of Adaja
Author:  Leticie Ryan  
Publisher:  Createspace
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Life Of Adaja" by Leticie Ryan...

My Thoughts...

What a 'debut novel' that this author gives the readers!  This read is definitely one of those reads that you will find it hard to put down with all of its actions and drama that is given to us. I was simply left thinking how well and different this author gives us an intriguing read.  Often I was left thinking what happen?  Who? What is going on.  I kept thinking this story was based on a part of this authors' life. Wow, is all I can say was a emotional journey this person had to go through.  It was just hard for me to think that a mother could do what she did to her own daughter.  All of the characters were simply off the chart... some developed, defined, well portrayed, to a point even believable, some craziness, but all brought out a story that will keep your attention till the end.

I found the title really lived up to its name...truly what a life this young lady had.  Will Adaya  make it through all that was put upon her...well you will just have to pick up this urban fiction read to see how it will all go down of Adaja.  This author really gives the readers something to think about long after the read.  Thank you to the author for this story for I am sure it will touch the hearts of many.


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