Mocha Chocolate: Taste A Piece of Ecstasy Book 1 By: by Shani Greene-Dowdell (Author), Elissa Gabrielle (Author),Hazel Mills (Author),Carla S Pennington (Author),Niyah Moore (Author), Kanarian Kindred (Author), Chloe R. (Author)

Book Description....

"17 brand new and best-selling authors came together to pen Mocha Chocolate: Taste A Piece of Ecstasy -- a collection of passionate erotic stories about love and sensuality. The stories range from sensual to uninhibited erotica. This arousing collection will tempt and inspire you...and set your love on fire!"

Title:  Mocha Chocolate:  Taste A Piece of Ecstasy
Authors:  by Shani Greene-Dowdell (Author), Elissa Gabrielle (Author), Hazel Mills (Author), Carla S Pennington (Author), Niyah Moore (Author), Kanarian Kindred (Author), Chloe R. (Author)
Publisher:  Nayberry Publications 
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Mocha Chocolate: Taste
A Piece of Ecstasy Book 1" by Seven Authors....

My Thoughts....

Wow this novel was one goodread that will definitely keep you reading till the end. All of these authors really gives the reader quite a erotic anthologies read that includes 'love, romance, betrayal, lust, jealousy, to infidelity.' with maybe a little surprise twist in its reading.  

Be ready to read some well written steamy anthologies...from Guilty Release, Cruisin,' Hopelessly Addicted, The Edge of Erotica, Smooth Moves, The Song In My Heart, Caught with my Ex, The Mile High Club, Ready For Love, Me without You, My Heart Can Handle It, Size Doesn't Matter, The Coffee Shop, The Bronze Princess, The Night I Had It All, and lastly Mocha's Chocolate by author and editor Shani Greene-Dowdell.  I will say that these title will give the reader a hint of just what you will be reading about.  In the end the reader will be presented with many different viewpoints of it all that will hold your attention definitely giving one the delicious taste of 'Mocha Chocolate,'   So, if you are in for some good hot steamy reads, you have come to the right place for some good reading that will not only keep you turning the pages till the end but also giving you some of he finest reading on its subject matter.    


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