I Liked You Better When I Didn't Like You By Jhordynn

Book Description...

"Unscripted and unplanned, Desiree Taylor is thrust into a search to find herself. However, during that search, she gets lost in low self-esteem, promiscuity, and self pity. On her journey to become better, she realizes that she first has to know herself, and what she finds out, she doesn’t like. Miss Taylor discovers that no one can love her without her loving herself first. She also discovers that in order for others to forgive her, she must first forgive others- even if they never apologize. And most of all, she learns to forgive herself."

Title:  I Liked You Better When I Didn't Like You
Author: Jhordynn
Publisher:  J.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"I Liked You Better When I Didn't Like You" by Jhordynn

My Thoughts....

What was so wonderful about this novel was that it was very insightful and uplifting storyline  that will keep your attention from start to finish.  I liked how this author was able to bring out the struggle
and trials of it all and give the readers such a uplifting read about 'real life.' After ones past can one be forgiven and get on the right straight and narrow?   Be ready for a read of many twist and turns and then at the end you get a wonderful awareness of 'self acceptance and forgiveness.'  "When I Liked the You Better When I Didn't" really fits this story and in the end  will Desiree learn to forgive herself?

More Thoughts....

I love this author's poem: PUSH....that is located  the end of her story and  I  would like to share a little of it....

...."When I see His face, I have conquered,

 And I'll have overcome. Me and you, God-- As army of one.

 I've been delivered, I've been saved, I've resisted, And I've fleed.

 I've pushed the devil away.  From dominating me.

 I move and I fight,  And I fight and shove,

And I shove and I thrust,  And I thrust and push."

I thought this was a deep well written novel by this author.  To truly understand it all you must pick up the read and see how well this deliverance really is to the reader.

I was given this novel during the BWABC Literacy Festival on September 19, 2015 to read and give my honest opinion.  Thank you to the author for such a good read.


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