The Plumber and Women Who Loved Him: A BWWA Interracial Romance By: Mz. Jae

Book Description....

"Sean Flynn is a man with an appetite for fine women. This key element is his greatest downfall. Flynn has always been loved, even worshiped by women from all walks of life. He’s had his share of wealthy southern belles, princesses, a spoiled heiress, sensual intellectual types and, most recently, a powerful professional diva. Though having very little in common with these women that crave this blue collar, tattooed Irishman, Flynn’s been able to secure their affections. In many ways, he is living a life that most men would sell their souls for. But don’t be fooled. Being desired by the best of women comes at a price, especially when these women are meant to be untouchable. Of all the men in the world, only Sean Flynn has been capable of setting them straight, and laying the pipe just right.

After consistently finding himself in trouble with the law, even having served time for lack of control, Flynn looks to make a change. But since he’s already set the stage for the wrong types of relationships, how can he so easily walk away?

As Flynn continues down this self-destructive path, he finds solace in an unlikely savior: yet another woman. Judge Lauryn Lomax is thrust into his life. Though she’s attached, connected and indebted to career criminals, Lauryn refuses to give up on this man she barely knows.

Flynn has never relied on luck, in fact, it’s consistently played against his favor. But when the right woman comes along, one that is willing to brave hell for his sake even as her own life hangs in the balance, can he believe that all things are possible?"

Title:  The Plumber and Women Who Loved Him: A BWWA Interracial Romance
Author: Mz. Jae
Publisher:  Cole Heart Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"The Plumber and Women Who Loved Him:  A BWWA Interracial Romance" by Mz. Jae

My Thoughts....

This was a good story dealing with Flynn, Lauryn and lots of other different characters that will have to keep up with and in the end the reader will get quite a interesting story.  The reader will be presented with a storyline and plot with a little bit of it all... from 'a abusive boyfriend, white supremacists, mafia connections,  mobsters, hero, heroine, ex girlfriends, sexy scenes, love, and even murder' to name what all will go on in this read that will certainly keep your attention until the end.  The author works it well in presenting this story to the reader especially in how she brings two unlikely people together. What puzzled me somewhat was that brotherly love between Flynn and Brett?  Now to get the whole story you will have to pick up this emotional good read to see how this author will bring it all out to the readers. Now, by the end the reader will be given a cliffhanger so we will have to get the next part of this story in part 2.  


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