The Billionaire Wives Club: BWWM By: Shani Greene- Dowdell and Theresa Hodge

Book Description....

"Ronan Michaels is fine as aged red wine. I’m talking wavy, chestnut brown hair, strong chiseled jawline, prominent shoulders and rugged ivory skin that’s been kissed by the sun. And those silver eyes were enough to make any woman swoon. All the women wanted him, but he chose me… his rarest, precious Ruby of them all, I was his African Queen.

Our wedding day was like a classic fairytale. I felt like a true princess. Ronan, my gallant white knight, made me feel that way. He made me feel beautiful, sexy and oh so desirable. His silver gaze held me captive from the beginning…even now, when it feels like the end… I remember looking into his eyes filled with promise as he vowed his love and devotion to me for a lifetime… I believed him.

Secrets and lies have a way of destroying lives and marriages and making what was once a happy home miserable and unbearable. My secrets…my lies cost me a price I wasn’t willing to pay. Who would’ve ever thought our happiness and love for each other would end up at this point? Not me, Ronan’s sweet Ruby…I never would’ve guessed my best days were behind me and I have no one but myself to blame.

I’m in for the fight of my life… win, lose or draw."

Title  The Billionaire Wives Club: BWWM
Authors:  Shani Greene-Dowdell & Theresa Hodge
Publisher: David Weaver Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Billionaire Wives Club: BWWM" by Shani Greene-Dowdell & Theresa Hodge

My Thoughts....

These two authors...Ms..Shani Greene-Dowdell and Ms.Theresa Hodge gives the readers a excellent well written read that I couldn't put down only being left wanting more.  The two main characters were so well defined, well portrayed and believable plus many others really gives the reader a intriguing read. There were a lots of what ifs in this novel but I guess it wasn't to be.  I felt so sorry for the heroine after finishing up the read and I could understand why she did what she did but for that husband of hers I could not feel anything for him but disgust in how he handled the situation just to get....  Will there be any coming back for him?  Will Ruby even want him back in her life?  Well, I guess we will have to wait and see what these  authors will bring us in the next installment of  'The Billionaire Wives Club.'  I will be certainly waiting!


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