Our Curious World of Mirror Images: Reflections on how Symmetry Frames our Universe, Empowers the Creative Process and Provides Context to Shape our Lives, By: Titus joseph By Titus Joseph

Book Description....

"From ancient philosophy to the big bang, quantum physics, and cosmology, Titus Joseph takes us on a mind-stretching journey through time and space to unveil a new law, positional symmetry (requisite mirror image), that explains how all things come into existence through the curious symmetries found everywhere in nature.

This exciting new model of the universe draws on concepts from ancient philosophy and weaves together quantum mechanics with relativity, through the observable symmetries found in nature. Our Curious World of Mirror Images sheds new light on what it means to be human in a world in which all things are interrelated.

• Introducing a whole new way of looking at our world

• A universal theory combining profound scientific facts seamlessly with philosophy

• Written in an easy to read format with many illustrations so that anyone may understand

• Reconciles the intractable problem of duality

• Marries quantum theory with relativity in a relationship that works to explain reality

• Provides a compelling account of spacetime that makes sense of the arrow of time

• Demonstrates how all things come into being

• Provides a broad overview of the cosmos as a whole entity

• An eye-opener to the meaning of God

• Reconciles eastern paradigms with western views

• This book could change the way you see the world"

Title: Our Curious World Of Mirror Images
Author: Titus Joseph
Publisher: Balboa Press
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

'Our Curious World of Mirror Images" by Titus Joseph

My Thoughts....

"Our Curious World of Mirror Images' was a 'whole new way of looking at our world.' The author really gives us a theory of some profound scientific facts which will center with philosophy. In a well written, structured, logical and easy to read, the reader will find many interesting illustrations that will keep you on the course of this read as one will receive some complex concept experience. Readers be ready to learn a lots about science as well as philosophy and if you are able to look at life in a different way, you maybe even get a lot more. This was indeed one interesting read...that sheds new light on what it means to be human in a world in which all things are interrelated."

I liked this from a quote from the author... from page 3...

"If you are serious about your life and read
this book with an open and thoughtful mind,
you will experience signs in your personal
reality that will confirm fro you -in your own
private views-that this new paradigm is real
and thus meaningful to your life. Your way of
thinking may even change as a consequence
of experiencing meaningful perceptions
affirming the knowledge disclosed in this

And, I will say from just reading that from the author I was able to look at the world in a all new way. Would I recommend "Our Curious World of Mirror Images?" YES!


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