Conflicting Webs By: Darlene Quinn

Book Description...

"The Toddman-Taylor saga continues in a new direction, exploring love and loss, career and family, forgiveness and redemption in this stand-alone addition to the gripping Web series. Fast-paced chapters propel unforgettable characters through the turmoil of overlapping and often conflicting commitments.

Wedding bells are set to ring. April Toddman, the darling of the Jordon’s retail dynasty, feels blessed. Her handsome, amiable fiancé, Kyle Clark, is passionate and shares her dreams. No couple could ask for a more promising future. And yet, just days before they are to exchange their marriage vows, their perfect world begins to crumble. Fate steps in and puts April and Kyle to the test. Will they successfully thread their way through the conflicting webs to secure their happiness?

With unfamiliar ground beneath their feet, April and Kyle must confront an unrelenting tsunami of obligations: to other—to their budding careers—and to themselves.

A child without a mother . . . A wedding without a honeymoon . . . A mother without a family . . . Beloved characters old and new weave secrets, mistakes, accidents, and lies into intricate webs of conflict as they strive to protect the generation of tomorrow.

Readers young and old will be held captive by the bold decisions these characters make to take charge of their destinies."

Title:  Conflicting Webs
Author:  Darlene Quinn
Publisher:  Greenleaf Book Group Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Conflicting Webs" by Darlene Quinn

My Thoughts....

"Conflicting Webs" was the perfect title for this suspenseful intriguing fictional read that was about  April who was marrying Kyle.  Now you would think with all of the planning that April had done...the wedding would go smoothly however, that was not to be.  Why?  Issues and much conflict comes from the right and left from Brittany[Kyle's baby mama] who happened to not want their daughter[Lindsay] to be in his wedding.  Be ready for a plot that will have some twist and turns as the conflict will pull you into all the drama of it all and will definitely will keep you turning the pages to see what will be coming next, The characters were off the chart...being well developed, defined, portrayed and believable helping to give the reader a spellbound suspenseful and emotional story. The title: 'Conflicting Web' really lives up to it name because there many conflicting commitments  in this novel.   So, if you are ready for a engaging wonderful story where you maybe caught in the web of it all, then I would recommend this read to you.

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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